Today in the city Newman 26.05.2017
Doubting Yourself Again? Nine Ways Women Can Grow The Confidence To Take Their Seat At The Table

Women have overcome many barriers but the biggest one we still face is not external. It's in our own heads. Here's nine ways women can back themselves more, doubt themselves less and make the differen...

How to Find Your Kentucky Derby Horse Name

Forget your first pet and the street you lived on—here's how to find a Kentucky Derby horse name worthy of the winner's circle.

Naomi Campbell Explains Why She's Never Done A Beauty Campaign

Naomi Campbell has walked countless high-profile runways, appeared on the cover of nearly every major magazine at least twice, hosted a reality TV show, starred in a music video for a Bob Marley song,...

I Want To Live In Master Of None's New York

Once, while living in Manhattan, I sat across from a couple on the uptown 1 train. Without a book to occupy me, I read them instead. I remember them still: She, gamine in a striped shirt, brown bun, a...

Help Elon Musk name his tunneling machine right now

Elon Musk has a difficult dilemma on his hands: He needs a name for The Boring Company's first tunneling machine.  And of course, the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and (probably) his new tunnel-related v...

Discover what your name would be if you were a Kentucky Derby racehorse

Congratulations! You are a horse and you have made it to the Kentucky Derby. Now it's time to find out what your name is. Horses with many delightful monikers have graced the Derby track over the year...

At least nine Donald Trump transition staffers ‘register as lobbyists’ despite US President's promised six-month ban

At least nine members of Donald Trump’s transition team have reportedly registered as lobbyists, despite the US President temporarily barring them from doing so.

Funds with 'alpha' in their name typically underperform their benchmark

The average five-year alpha for funds with the word "alpha" in their name is -0.42 percent, according to Morningstar.

TV Review: ‘Master of None,’ Season 2

Netflix’s wonderful “Master of None,” despite its push toward a narrative arc at the end of its Emmy-winning Season 1, does not have much more of a story for Season 2. Or to be exact, it does, b...

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